Dr. Tracy Debi is on the cutting edge of modern spiritual alignment housed in a global advisory firm for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get reacquainted with their whole body and purpose that lies within their heart in order to live a life of alignment with clarity and confidence.

We believe in the healing powers of self expression, intuition, vulnerability and movement that help you safely look inward and unlock the trapped potential in your body that wants to guide you towards fulfilling your purpose on this planet.

​Founder Dr. Tracy Debi – Former Chiropractor and Transformation Coach with over 5 years of experience. She has advised aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners all over North America to increase their impact and income.

​She is also the host of Spirit of Success – a podcast that has 2000 downloads and reached a global audience with downloads in each continent.

​After experiencing chronic back pain, burnout several times, depression and even suicidal ideations, Tracy discovered that identification of the root cause lies in listening to your soul’s purpose and aligning your heart and mind in that direction to embody who you truly are.

During that time, she learned that physical symptoms and illness were teachers if we choose to listen. The epidemic of stress results from disconnection to ourselves, especially our emotions. Deeply connecting to ourselves means first connecting to our bodies since that is where people live and the reality of our somatic experience. People feel actual shifts in their inner experience as the work proceeds from moment to moment. And it works with a speed that is often astonishing. In fact, many of my clients tell me that the changes were so immediate, they were hard to keep up with!

​Today we are dedicated to providing tools and resources necessary for healing and deep connection to oneself directly into the hands of our clients. This ensures that our clients have agency and are empowered to look within themselves – regardless of any business challenge where you can feel ‘stuck’, or personal relationship that feels out of your control.

​To us serving our clients well and changing the World means providing knowledge that reveals your inner compass to discover what desires lie in your heart. We believe in allowing your intuition to lead you from the inside out and playing the long term game to remember who you are and what unique gifts you bring to this World. Having the power to define success for yourself & the tools to create the life you are meant to live instead of making decisions based on insecurities or fears.

​Unlike other coaching programs that teach you to rely on a certain method or ‘guru’, we are firmly against indoctrination or a one size fits all approach. We understand every person is individual and we want to provide techniques for them to uncover their unique internal patterns to consciously and intensively condense the process of healing and increase self awareness. This methodology puts the responsibility in the hands of the client and provides them the ability to move at the speed of life.

Join us! Together we can foster a community of people who each have the ability to connect to their essence and desires in their heart – the part of you that makes you, well you! Re-connecting to the authentic somatic experience of yourself, you restore your sense of wholeness without searching outside of yourself.

Tracy is a spiritual adventurer & a lover of metaphysics. She lets her intuition lead the way. Always.

She has a raging love affair with movement and you can find her physically swinging kettlebells or studying to move thoughts around. She lives for World wandering and Mother Nature. The ocean and mountains – adored in equal measure.