My first blog post – here’s to hoping I’m doing this “right!”

2020 was the most impactful and influential year of my life. I know it has been life altering and life changing for many – both positive and negative.

I personally made a decision to pivot my career in a direction that my heart has known for a while. The lockdown allowed me to slow down enough to get my mind on board.

Like many others, I took the time to question what was happening in my life and if I was truly happy if “this was it”. Turns out the answer was hell no! I wanted more and felt guilty for a long time for feeling that way. I had a pretty good life but I have always felt like something was missing.

What I failed to realize until 4 years ago was that ALL of my life experiences were preparing me to step into my life purpose and 2020 was the opportunity to do just that.

As a part of the pivot, I decided to launch a podcast, because why not? Instead of it becoming a buried dream, I chose to resurrect an old idea instead and Spirit of Success was born!

Here’s a link to the first episode where you can hear more about my journey and why I decided to start the podcast!