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Oh and you will probably experience major shifts in areas of your life where you are feeling stuck.

I invite you to take a journey – a journey you have been longing to take for many years. The best version of yourself is waiting for you.

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Tracy is a clear and grounded facilitator for this experience. Providing a safe container in which to experience deep and powerful experiences, this is ideal for my personal healing and transformation. My body’s own wisdom guides the experience. My internal state of being was and has been completely changed since my session with Tracy. I am looking forward to future sessions.


It’s so amazing to me that I could have such a transformational experience in my first breathwork session. Tracy gave great information and guidance before we began so I felt completely prepared and safe during the session. I was able to get to the root of some emotional baggage that has been holding me back and release it. So much grief and anger left my body that I felt physically lighter afterwards. I also was having pain in my shoulder blade and hip before the session and could feel the pain move and then dissipate as my emotions released. By the end of the session there was no pain left in my body. I used to have tightness in my chest around my heart and that has been relieved as well. During our sharing circle at the end of the session, I was able to talk through my experience with Tracy and she was so present and supportive that it was easy for me to process everything and ground back into my body. I can’t wait to try another session!


My immediate response coming out of the session was, “Holy F*ck!” It was such an amazing and lightning experience. It was a full journey of release. Tracy set it up so well – she prepared me and made me feel very comfortable, which was needed to really surrender and experience the physical release I did. I’ve never experienced something like this before and it remained with me strongly for the week after and still today.


Tracy has a beautiful grounded energy that made me feel safe and she was very thorough with explaining what was to be expected. I’ve done other styles of Breathwork before but this was unguided which made me feel like I was more free to have my own experience and gave me space to express and move as I felt necessary. As a practitioner of embodied movement I feel this is important to allow the body to move and release as needed. I had a significant emotional breakthrough during the session. I am still integrating but it’s exactly what I needed to move past some challenging transitions I am going through in my life. Thank you Tracy. It was a powerful and transformative session and I am grateful for the lessons and wisdom that came through for me.


I highly recommend Tracy’s breath-work sessions. She provides a very safe and compassionate space as a facilitator. I was able to surrender deeply into my body that I had previously resisted, so it was a big shift for me that I experienced.


This experience was absolutely mind blowing. It had so many different parts to my experience. The talk we had before the session even though I have done other breath work really helped me get deeper because I almost had a playbook. During the session I remembered the things she talked about as they happened. First my body had to breathe and move energy around. I actually burst out laughing near the end of this stage with pure joy. Then the next step was processing anger. I was so happy to have the pillow next to me. After that step and I was laying breathing I became a bear. It was really intense. Lastly came the visions with no prompting HD like visions that came to my awareness. The session felt so amazing. After a few days I felt almost reborn as a new better version of myself.


The whole experience from the voice guidance to the blending of music was wonderful. I felt very relaxed and safe. Tracy allowed me to easily understand how to follow the breath technique and drop inwards. I found the music very different to what I heard before and it made it possible to journey into different times and sensations which was a wonderful thing. I was able to fully surrender and let go, allowing the session to flow. I would highly recommend this work to others.


I had a one-on-one breathwork session with Tracy which was fantastic! She was present, personable, professional, and very clear in her communication/ explanation, which made me feel safe. My experience was sensory based which was smooth and without much resistance. I came out with the ability to breathe deeper, more visual vibrancy, clearer and more internal integration. Breath is so powerful and I like the acknowledgement of the body’s ability to do what is needed to heal, realign, and balance itself. I am grateful that Tracy is following her calling to offer this gift and hold space for others.


The breathwork session I had with Tracy was amazing! It’s hard to put into words, but it was honestly one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! It felt amazing and I didn’t want it to end….I can’t wait to do it again!


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