10: The Spiritual Aspects of Healing with Emily Mishler

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On today’s episode I’m taking a bit of a different approach because I want you to get to know me better! On this Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, I am realizing how much there is to be grateful for, even with all of the changes that have happened this year.

I am especially grateful for the time to slow down and really focus on the healing process myself and how much my life has realigned because of that. A lot of the feedback I have gotten from the podcast so far has been interest around this massive topic.

One episode cannot do it justice, but I wanted to start the conversation giving you some of my thoughts on this topic and what has guided me along my own healing journey. I also wanted to bring back Emily Mishler (from episode one) who has had an impact on my life this year while also on her own healing journey. We wanted to share our healing reflections from the most transformative periods in our respective lives (so far)!

I felt very called to do this episode and I know that the people who are meant to hear this and take away value will!

During this episode I/we discuss:

The difference and benefits of healing and curing

Why the spiritual aspect of healing is important & a difference maker

First steps you can take to integrate healing into your life today

The power of choice in your everyday life

Knowing the difference between your path/your wants and expectations from those around you

The importance of making peace with your past

The difference between being perceived by others vs. your own self perception

Emily’s reflection on the biggest needle mover for increased self image

How to gain awareness of what behaviours are habit in your life

How healing allows you to discover that all aspects of your life are interconnected

Emily’s Bio:

Author, adventurer & life-liver, Emily Mishler is the driving force behind The Cultivated Group and the world of Esmè the Curious Cat. She is an intrepid optimist with a keen sense of adventure, eye for design, hand in the start-up world, and heart for philanthropy. She plays and works all over the world and is on a mission to ignite and empower individuals and organizations to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

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