11: Aligning To Your Life’s Purpose with Marcus Bird

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On today’s episode I brought Marcus Bird on the show to discuss the value of alignment in your life and what it looks like to live out your life’s purpose. In this day and age, there is so much value placed on what your life looks like, but what about what your life feels like?

I wanted to bring Marcus on the show because from the moment I met him, I felt a strong connection and from that point on, I have learned an incredible amount from him! I feel very grateful to call him a mentor and friend!

We go in depth on what really important steps helped us on our journeys to find our true alignment, and the entire worlds that opened up when you truly embrace healing! We have a conversation about the quantum and metaphysical world and how this directly relates to basically everything going on in your life!

This episode is a must listen! I wish this information was taught in schools but the next best thing I can do is shine light on it! You will gain something valuable from our conversation and I hope you take time to reflect on some of the important questions we bring up!

During this episode we discuss:

Marcus’ journey with chronic fatigue syndrome and how he was able to overcome it

The importance of personal responsibility in healing

The difference between the quantum world and the metaphysical world (& why you should care)

How ‘anything’ gets created or manifested

What our job is here on this planet (and how this relates to the ‘golden thread’ concept)

How resonance plays a direct role in what you are experiencing everyday in your life

The difference physically between harmonic and disharmonic resonance

What part of healing YOU are in control of (& Marcus suggestion of the most important question you can ask yourself)

My first stages of healing & the importance of self inquiry

The most important question you will have to answer (according to my boy Albert Einstein)

What is ‘telos’ (hint you should really care) & the first step to re-discovering it according to Marcus

Marcus’s Bio:

Marcus is the leading expert in helping wellness professionals become authentic wellness leaders so they can make a bigger difference on the planet by uncovering and amplifying their magic. As The Wellness Futurist, (Alignment Coach) marketing & mindset expert, Marcus is a ‘catalyst for change’ inspiring audiences with an insight into current trends and technological advancements that affect the industry. Marcus shows audiences innovative ways to not only survive but thrive in this disruptive world. Complete with strategies and tools to meet the demands of the informed customer, Marcus shows audiences how to increase their value by sharing their deepest wisdom. Inspiring & motivating your audience to step up and step out with a new vision on what’s possible.

Connect with Marcus:

Social Handles

Facebook: marcusbird13

Facebook Group: Heart of the Matrix

Website: www.wellnessleadershipacademy.com

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