12: Connecting & Listening to Your Intuition with Kait Fowlie

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On today’s episode I brought Kait Fowlie on the show to talk about her journey pivoting her career and the role that intuition played in helping her make that shift. I saw Kait post about listening to your intuition and that is what inspired me to ask her to be on the show!

I met Kait a year ago and she has done two tarot readings for me that have profoundly impacted my life in a positive way, so it is an honour to have her on the show!

We go in depth on the role intuition played on both of our journeys, and how we can cultivate our intuitive listening muscle over time, and how it can evolve on your journey through life.

This episode is a must listen! I have been getting asked about intuition and funny enough this episode was already planned! We also give you some great tips on dealing with the unknown which I believe is relevant now more than ever.

During this episode we discuss:

Kait’s ‘tug’ to leave a stable job to bet on herself & what that felt like for her

How we navigated intuitive nudges early on in our careers

Kait’s amazing story how she got into tarot (hint: a time capsule is involved)

How to start listening to your intuition (Kait gives some really great advice)

Why self-inquiry is SO important; especially if you have physical pain

How to create a bridge for yourself to overcome fear of the unknown

How listening to your intuition can evolve in your life over time

The stat I heard that literally blew my mind & made me re-think abundance and scarcity

Kait’s Bio:

I am a tarot-reader / tarot teacher, moon watcher and reiki practitioner who aims to empower others to connect to their own inner guidance systems so they can live confident, inspired lives.

Connect with Kait:

Social Handles

Instagram: @kait_fowlie

Twitter: @kaitfowlie

Website: www.kaitfowlie.com

Book a tarot reading with Kait: https://www.kaitfowlie.com/tarot-readings

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