13: Aligning From the Inside Out to Live Your Dream Life with Chantel Lemieux

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On today’s episode I brought Chantel Lemieux on the show to talk about her journey pivoting her career and leaving her secure teaching position! We have a very interesting story behind our first meeting that was a turning point for both of us making the changes in our lives to get us where we are today!

We talk about the importance of aligning from the inside out and what is the real journey when you embark on that mission towards your dream life!

This episode is a full circle moment for me as Chantel was one of the first people to support me on this podcast journey and it means so much to me to have her on the show fully living her dream life – if that is something that resonates with you, this episode is a must listen to incorporate what feels good into your life today!

During this episode we discuss:

The magical moment when Chantel and I first met

How to change your life if you feel like you are ‘split’ between two different working worlds (Chantel gives an amazing tip!)

Steps you can take to help you make the leap if you want to pivot your career

What the in between steps of the leap actually feels and looks like

Why writing down your ideal day can be so powerful

How you can take steps to find your alignment (from the inside out)

What living your dream life is actually like (& what the next steps are)

What physical symptoms can be an indicator of in your life (& the feedback it can provide)

Chantel’s opinion on the difference between education and learning

Why curiosity is so pivotal if you want to make changes and jumpstart your alignment

Chantel’s Bio:

Chantel Lemieux is a podcaster, digital creator, yoga instructor and literacy coach. She recently made the move from a busy city to a small farming community and is enjoying nature, tapping into her energetic field and cultivating a meditation practice.

Connect with Chantel:

Social Handles

Instagram: @musespodcast, @chanty.the.peace.cat

Website: www.musespod.com

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