14: Embracing Change, Trusting Yourself & The Universe with Louise Choee

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On today’s episode I brought Louise Choee on the show to talk about her incredible journey making wholesale changes to completely pivot her career and basically life from Toronto to now living in Bali!

We talk about the importance of recognizing the feelings and internal voices inside of you and creating space to listen so that you can begin to intentionally create a life based on what YOU want!

Most of our discussion centers around the internal growth that takes place to strengthen your ‘roots’ so that these changes can take place with a sense of ease and grace – where the universe comes in! If you want to make any changes in your life or feel more comfortable with change, this episode was made with you in mind!

During this episode we discuss:

What happens when you discover you are living your life according to someone else’s rules

Dealing with disappointment after not reaching a goal

How to deal with feelings of unhappiness, discomfort & dissatisfaction (& how Lou and I manage this)

What making wholesale changes in your life actually looks like (& how Lou prepared)

How to manage feelings of uncertainty (& why we use play)

How taking aligned action can aid in listening to your internal voice

Lou’s incredible story of being and guided and led to be with her Dad before he passed away

Lou’s reflection on lessons learned from that experience

What trusting and surrendering to the universe can look like (hint: better than you think)

Louise’s Bio:

Louise is a Business Writer & Marketer helping spiritual entrepreneurs simplify and sell their intricate gifts through compelling sales copy and data-driven strategy. After 8 years of corporate marketing for fortune 500 companies in Canada and the US, her courageous pursuit of purpose took her on a nomadic adventure around the world that she never returned from. Through her own personal journey of deep healing, radical transformation and self love, she now lives in Bali where she has rebuilt life on her own terms. Louise inspires people everywhere that it is possible to live a life of purpose, do work that matters and find a home anywhere in the world.

Connect with Louise:

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Instagram: @louisechoee

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