16: Playing the Right Game & Taking Back Your Personal Power with Drasko Raicevic

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On today’s episode I brought Drasko Raicevic on the show to talk about his journey owning a brick and mortar business and being forced to close it down. His story is so relevant given what has happened in 2020 so far.

We talk about the internal battles and real life struggles behind what people may perceive on the outside. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is bring your honesty to the table with you. We get into a deeper discussion of why that is so important and the difference maker when it comes to personal power and clarity.

This episode is honestly filled with so many useful tips and insights no matter where you are on your journey – you definitely want to tune into this one!

During this episode we discuss:

Why he realized he needed to close down his business

How personal development and self awareness affected his business setup

Why he decided to befriend his pain & what that looked like

What mantra he repeated to help him through the toughest times

How to take your personal power back & what that has to do with 8 Mile (the movie)

How to increase your presence and awareness when dealing with triggers/fear

The importance of attuning to the natural cycles

The best acronym for PAIN and how you can use it in your life

How to make sure you are playing the ‘right game’

Drasko’s Bio:

Drasko has been a coach in one capacity or another since 16 when he initially started coaching martial arts. Despite graduating from business school he quickly realized the 9-5 life wasn’t for him. That led him down a path of establishing and growing what became QuickBody Weight Loss, a brick and mortar studio dedicated to helping women with a lifelong struggle with fat loss. After 10 years in that space his coaching evolved towards teaching heart based marketing to other coaches and to his current passion of helping evolve the human behind the entrepreneur.

Connect with Drasko:

Social Handle

Instagram: @draskoraicevic


For heart based marketing coaching – www.learntomatter.com

For evolving the human behind the entrepreneur – www.fullforcebeing.com

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