17: Honouring Your Body Through Emotional Transformation with Briony Gunson

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On today’s episode I brought Briony Gunson on the show to talk about her journey experiencing multiple health issues including anxiety. Briony has such an interesting story about how she was able to transcend her anxiety and now she teaches meditation and breathwork to help others do the same.

Our conversation really centered around recognizing when something is not working and what you can do to acknowledge, honour and your emotions. This can sometimes feel messy but on the other side, you can find a deep and meaningful connection with your body and ultimately yourself. As Briony says ‘come home to your body’.

This episode is super important to me because the next few Winter months in the Northern Hemisphere will ask us to look within once again. Briony shares with us some great tips on how to best prepare.

During this episode we discuss:

How to know if you are running away from your feelings

What signals your body sends you to let you know something may not be right

The moment Briony connected with herself again (so beautiful!)

How emotions are stacked in the body and what our breath has to do with this

Why you may want to honour, acknowledge and transform your feelings

Why your body responds to triggers you may not be consciously aware of

What Marmalade the snake can teach us about genetic memory

How disconnection from your body can show up ‘in real life’

How faith comes into play on the healing journey

Briony’s Bio:

“What is a life well-lived?” How we each answer this question is the exact reason why Briony created her business. Using tools of coaching, meditation and breathwork, she creates and holds space for people to discover and love the different parts of themselves and then to integrate those parts. In doing so, you can come home to yourself and find deeper meaning in life.

Connect with Briony:

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IG: @BrionyGunson



To access free breathwork sessions, sign up here: bit.ly/32XN1FH

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