18: Mind, Body & Soul Connection in Recovery from Injury/Illness with Jessica Phillips

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On today’s episode I brought Jessica Phillips on the show to share her incredible wisdom from her life journey. Jessica has experience in many different industries and has encountered a number of health challenges along the way that asked her to take a different approach to life. This includes dealing with the loss of her partner in work and life. I knew from the moment I met her she had a different way of looking at life that I wanted to learn from!

Our conversation centered around understanding you are more than just your body parts and that injury/illness is an invitation to healing. She describes a process of reverse engineering what we are typically taught and how that worked for her. We also talk about the emotional toll these events can have on your life that are usually overlooked.

I am so grateful to Jessica for sharing so openly because I want to participate in normalizing conversations around mental health and processing emotions during illness/injury and even from grief – this is where the true healing can begin. There are so many lessons we can all gain from (I know I did) to help us move through the rest of 2020!

During this episode we discuss:

The statement Jessica was told that changed her life and started her healing journey

Her bold approach to treating her psoriasis (that you will want to hear)

How a concussion helped her to reverse engineer the recovery process

How constraints can help you in the healing process

The power of being the witness and having a witness on your journey

How Jessica managed grief after the death of her partner and the lessons she learned that has helped her in 2020

Why acknowledging the truth is the shortest path in the recovery & healing process

The benefits of creating a thought boundary

Jessica’s Bio:

Jessica is an art curator and consultant, but she has worn a wide variety of hats in her life, including fitness instructor, restaurant manager, and television personality.

She has also experienced a wide variety of life experiences in set backs, both health wise and mentally, many that resulted in a 15 year long journey to understand psoriasis, and dealing with PTSD from life changing moments including sexual assault, losing her partner, and overcoming a serious concussion .

Her outlook on healing stems from a constant search to understand how the body, mind, and soul work together, and how when we focus on this, we can help heal ourselves from within.

Connect with Jessica:

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IG: @jlphillipsgallery

@10-4oil (10-4 Oil : Skin Understood)



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