19: Your Breath Can Bring You Back to Life with Jenn Mansell

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On today’s episode I brought Jenn Mansell on the show because doing breathwork with her has been a life changing experience for me! Jenn has been a breathwork facilitator for a long time and she shares so much wisdom from her own journey but also from helping others navigate their own. Jenn, like myself, faced health challenges and had a feeling that there was another way – we discussed that in detail and the unexpected discoveries that happen.

We also had a conversation around the disconnection from our bodies that we have both observed in others and how breathwork paired with self awareness can be an amazing toll to understand yourself and really come back to your life.

I am so excited about this episode because Jenn had so many nuggets that helped re-frame things for myself! With so many changes this year, and seemingly more next year, we need more tools to help us learn about ourselves and this episode can be a great way to get started if you want to be more connected to your body (& yourself) and take the road less travelled.

During this episode we discuss:

The importance of exploring the range of human emotions to hold space for yourself (& others)

Breathwork as an embodied practice & how that translates into your everyday life

How we learn to hold our breath as a compensation pattern & how that shows up in your body

The journey out of breathwork and how to incorporate ‘growing up’ so that you don’t project onto other people

The difference between dominating your body vs. an ecosystem approach

Jen’s health journey and what she has learned along the way

Your body-mind as a house – what’s in the basement?

Jenn’s Bio:

Jenn Mansell is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator and Somatic Coach, who helps people reconnect with the inner wisdom of their bodies through the power of the breath. Her gift is bringing people together in safe spaces to have deeply transformational experiences that incorporate movement, music, meditation and breathwork.

Connect with Jenn:

Social Handles

IG: @jlmansell

FB: Jenn Mansell

Website: www.jennmansell.com

Jen is doing a New Year’s Day Breathwork Event! You can find out more about it here: https://www.jennmansell.com/events/newyearsday

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