20: Following Your Intuition to Change Your Life with Ariana Stefancic

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On today’s episode I brought Ariana Stefancic on the show because I just knew she had a juicy story! I met her earlier this year when I started collecting and incorporating crystals/gems into my home and she is literally the most knowledgeable person on the topic!

Ariana and I both made some wholesale changes in our lives this year and we were able to do that by following that little voice inside and making decisions to follow our passions! We break down what this process was for us and some of the tools – both cognitive and physical that helped us along the way.

I love that this episode is the last for 2020 because it was such a great reflection for the year but also how far you can come when you focus on putting one foot in front of the other – making small decisions outside of your comfort zone. Next year is going to be all about making decisions that are best for YOU and that means sometimes having to ignore conventional ideas – this is a great episode to get you started or help you stay the course!

During this episode we discuss:

What it’s like to realize you’re an ‘old soul’ at a young age

Following your passion vs doing what’s expected of you

How to recognize & build trust with that inner voice or intuition

Why you may want to consider a ‘deep clean’ in your life

How Ariana used the lockdown time to double down on the inner growth/personal development

Classic advice from Bob Proctor that you can implement today (re: intuition)

Intuition as risk and how you can manage this feeling

Redefining luxury for yourself and how we both did that (especially during this year)

Ariana’s Bio:

I’m a Pisces (sun), Aquarius (moon), Pisces (rising)! I graduated from Ryerson University, specializing in Biology and Chemistry – I thought I would be a researcher my entire life … that’s not what happened. I served for the majority of my 20s, while I built LearnforLess Tutors, an in-home tutoring company that catered to the needs of every individual student. In 2018 Equilibrio Gems blossomed (again – long story), and here we are today. I’ve only really worked for myself, other than my managers at the restaurants. It’s definitely been a learning process and have gained so much knowledge from running two businesses.

Connect with Ariana:

Social Handles

IG: @equilibriogems

Website: www.equilibriogems.com

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