21: True Freedom Comes From Accepting & Loving Yourself with Vanessa Giorgio

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On today’s episode I brought Vanessa Giorgio on the show because we had such an amazing deep connection the first time we met. I knew I wanted to explore this connection and that Vanessa had amazing wisdom to share.

Turns out I was right – this episode is such a perfect way to start off the year! We cover so many things but I think one of the most important things I took out of 2020 was understanding what accepting and loving myself could look like. Vanessa and I both share from our personal stories and what we educate our clients about.

This episode is a must listen if you are wanting to know and understand yourself better! As the Greeks said, ‘knowing thyself’ is the most important knowledge out there! I am a lifelong learner always willing to learn from the school of life – if that’s you, then this is your episode!

During this episode we discuss:

How you can feel so connected to someone you just met

How you can open your own spiritual gifts – and actually use them

Vanessa’s journey of coming back to herself

Vanessa and I both break down how we explain intuition to our clients and how our experience of intuition guides us

Ps. We never got back to the clair senses discussion; if you want to learn about this, please let me know and we shall hit record again.

The importance of knowing yourself in this lifetime; and how that affects your life

Being led versus feeling like you have to come up solutions yourself (Vanessa has a great story)

What do your beliefs about abundance have to do with your inner dialogue?

The connection between intuition and your reticular activating system (RAS); & how this can totally change your perspective

Vanessa’s tip to get started on centering and grounding yourself

Vanessa’s Bio:

Vanessa is a Tarot Master and Transformative Healer. She works with her intuition and yours to create a sacred space for healing and guidance. She uses Tarot, Channeled Messages from Spirit, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Regression, Reiki and Shamanic Healing to identify any emotional or energetic blocks towards manifesting your desires, living your dream life and following your soul’s purpose. Fortifying your sense of self love and the relationship with self, so that your outer world becomes a direct reflection of your internal reality.

Connect with Vanessa:

Social Handles

IG: @vgiorgiiiooo

Website: www.calendly.com/vgiorgio

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