22: Redefining Loneliness and Connection to Transform Your Life with Leah Diteljan

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On today’s episode I brought Leah Diteljan on the show because we had an instant deep connection and conversation around a topic both of us know very well – loneliness. Leah and I have different experiences with it and wanted to share what we have learned given the challenges of physical distancing/isolation from last year that will more than likely continue this year.

We have both discovered that the ultimate solution involves healing work of first belonging to yourself. This requires delicate and curious work to uncover what has limited you from deeply connecting to yourself. The reward for this kind of discovery has far reaching effects in every single area of your life (as both of us know)!

We both share so many amazing tips from our journeys that I think will be so helpful right now given the constraints and challenges of physical isolation. We hope to inspired you to reconnect to yourself and others in a healthy and meaningful way!

During this episode we discuss:

Home as your ‘nest’

How loneliness can manifest and affect your life

Armouring/Fortress building as a defence mechanism to protect yourself from being hurt

The difference between loneliness, isolation, alone and solitude

Reaching out to connect for validation vs. true connection (& where you feel this in your body)

Leah explains the four different types of intimacy

Leah also shares a question you may want to reflect on from your childhood

The importance of receiving/feminine energy and manifestation

Leah and I give you tips on how to connect and build a relationship to nature

The difference between caring and carrying in relationships

Leah’s Bio:

Leah Diteljan curated MindSpa to help solve loneliness. She is passionate about working with inspiring leaders to reconnect them with themselves, others, nature and their purpose. After traveling to six different continents working with influential entrepreneurs, Leah discovered her purpose to create a strong sense of belonging for heart led leaders.

Connect with Leah:

Social Handles

IG: @mindspa.moments

Website: www.mindspacoaching.com

Leah’s Mindspa Nature Calls – Register here: https://calendly.com/mindspa/nature-calls

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