23: Knowing How you Learn is the Ultimate Self Acceptance with Dr. Maria Thomadaki

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On today’s episode I brought my former professor Dr. Maria Thomadaki (aka Dr. T) on the show! I have been reflecting a lot the past 2 years, and Dr. T was one of the people who had a massive influence on my life. She gave me advice that not only changed my career in grad school, but also changed my life. I had this thought “I wish I could tell her that” – so I made my own wish come true by inviting her on the show!

Dr. T is someone who knows deeply who she is and you know that just from being in her presence. She is also full of so much wisdom! Our conversation centered around the journey of truly learning about yourself and the impact that can have in all aspects of your life.

I think with this lockdown period, we are all learning many different things about ourselves which I believe will be hugely positive in the long run – this episode can prove to you what a difference that can make. This episode truly makes my heart happy and if there is a professor/teacher that made a huge difference for you, this episode is for you! I also hope you take the time to reach out to that person and spread some love!

I found an article where Dr. T gave new students some tips and I wanted to add them to the show notes because I think they apply to everyone – be sure to also check that out!

During this episode we discuss:

Paradigm shifting advice Dr. T gave me that basically changed my life (& my school career)

Treating people the way YOU want to be treated vs. the way THEY want to be treated

Why did Dr. T cares more than a typical professor

Mindset shift to know yourself better that can save you years of grief

Knowing how you learn changes how you interact with others and your world

Knowing how you learn helps you understand others better (& is a confidence boost)

Being self assured/vulnerable can help you deal with criticism

The lesson of what to be responsible to vs responsible for

Why you want to always leave room for the journey and not just the destination

Taking care of yourself is a huge part of learning

Maria’s Bio:

Dr. Thomadaki is an Associate Professor of Neuroscience at New York Chiropractic College where she has taught Neurology and Anatomy for over twenty years. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at New York Chiropractic College in 1994. She attended graduate courses in Neuroscience at the Health Science Center at SUNY Syracuse. She practiced in Greece before returning to New York. Since 1999, she has been the lead faculty of the Neuroscience I and II courses for the Chiropractic program and the Neuroanatomy course for the college’s Masters in Clinical Anatomy program. She served as the Dean of Basic Sciences from 2008 to 2011.

Dr. Thomadaki’s thorough understanding of human anatomy gives her an edge when caring for patients who have difficult to treat conditions or underlying medical conditions.

Connect with Maria:

Social Handles

Website: http://www.ithacachiro.org/

Dr. Thomadaki gave incoming Chiropractic students 7 key lessons in a 2018 address, and I feel like this is helpful and should be shared with more people:

•Look around, everyone is here to help you.

•Learn what makes you tick, and how you learn and work.

•Treat everyone like they are going to be your patients: with care and respect.

•Take time for yourself, every day.

•Before you treat and take care of your patients, take care of yourself.

•Learn for the sake of knowing – know, and be sure of what you know.

•Enjoy your journey.

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