24: How Death Can Inform Life Part 1 with Stephen Hudecki

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On today’s episode I am taking a risk by talking about a potentially triggering topic: death. Last year I attended a Buddhist event on death that really shifted many paradigms about how I viewed death and the importance of dealing with grief and loss. I had no idea at that time what 2020 was going to bring.

This reframing allowed me to move through 2020 thriving instead of surviving so I had energy to invest in this podcast. That is my lens and intention with this episode. I want to shed light on this topic in the hopes it will help you as well. I brought Stephen Hudecki on today’s show as he was one of the speakers at that event, and has a lot of personal experience working in palliative care settings.

My ask is that you have an open mind and listen to the episode! Stephen has a very unique background in sound therapy which has informed the way he works and his approach. We also talk about some practical things you can engage with that may help you if this topic makes you anxious. This episode is a bit of a different direction – I am open to all feedback and would really enjoy hearing from you. You can find both our contact information in the show notes.

During this episode we discuss:

How Stephen felt during 2020 with his knowledge and experience around death

Where Stephen’s love for music came from

Music therapy vs sound as healing

Sound therapy as medicine (& where it came from)

The power in music and instruments – specifically drumming

Why society doesn’t address and talk about death (This is important!!)

Stephen shares his experience working in a hospital during the pandemic

How you can reduce your fear around death – Stephen gives some practical tips

The power of talking about ‘the elephant in the room’

Stephen’s Bio:

Stephen graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Masters in Spiritual Care and Counselling; successfully completed the St. Joe’s Supervised Pastoral Education Residency; became certified as a Spiritual Care Practitioner through the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, and is a registered member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Following two years with St. Leonard’s Addiction Mental Health Crisis Centre in Brantford, Stephen worked as a full time Spiritual Care Psychotherapist at West Park Healthcare Centre in Toronto. Stephen brings a love of music as an agent of healing, interconnectedness and beauty as well as a long standing Zen Buddhist practice to this role. He is passionate about caring for patients, and caring for those who care for patients through providing healthcare staff with innovative, inclusive and clinically validated support. It is an honour to serve the sick.

Connect with Stephen:

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Linkedin: Stephen Hudecki

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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