25: How Death Can Inform Life Part 2 with Stephen Hudecki

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On today’s episode we are continuing the conversation around a potentially triggering topic on death. The episode starts off with my very personal story about my own experience with death. I decided to share this episode today because the lessons I learned are profound and I want you to understand why my foundation has and will continue to be in spirituality.

Spirituality isn’t something I read in a book or learned through someone else. It has changed the way I view life and how I literally move in the world. I had to define what spirituality meant to me and I believe to some degree we each need to do that for ourselves. 2020 brought so much grief and loss and we end the episode talking about ways to help you cope with those feelings if you resonate with this conversation.

My ask is that you continue to have an open mind and listen to the episode with kindness! Stephen was such an amazing co-creator of the space and held it so that I could share my story and have a productive discussion on this topic so I definitely want to thank him once again. Stephen mentioned numerous resources and they are all listed in the show notes. I am open to all feedback and would really enjoy hearing from you. You can find both our contact information in the show notes.

During this episode we discuss:

Do we fear death or not actually living?

My own near death experience – how it changed my personal foundation

How interconnected we are with nature

The greatest power humans have is……

Is bereavement and grief the same thing?

Grief – the loss of certain parts of your identity

Self compassion is a key to move through grief

Grief wants to move through you – I share a personal story

Stephen’s Bio:

Stephen graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Masters in Spiritual Care and Counselling; successfully completed the St. Joe’s Supervised Pastoral Education Residency; became certified as a Spiritual Care Practitioner through the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, and is a registered member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Following two years with St. Leonard’s Addiction Mental Health Crisis Centre in Brantford, Stephen worked as a full time Spiritual Care Psychotherapist at West Park Healthcare Centre in Toronto. Stephen brings a love of music as an agent of healing, interconnectedness and beauty as well as a long standing Zen Buddhist practice to this role. He is passionate about caring for patients, and caring for those who care for patients through providing healthcare staff with innovative, inclusive and clinically validated support. It is an honour to serve the sick.

Connect with Stephen:

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Linkedin: Stephen Hudecki

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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