26: How To Attract Success Like A Lover with Dominey Drew

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On today’s episode I brought Dominey Drew on the show because I resonated so much with her story and I just had this feeling she could help me work through a major challenge I was facing. Dominey is known for helping people have quick transformations because she is able to help you uncover subconscious beliefs and make them conscious. She specializes in relationships but when you are talking about self mastery – well then anything is game!

Both of us are personal development junkies and share a passion for self mastery and the work we do is quite similar! This episode is jam packed with so many goodies if you want to improve any area of your life and especially if you feel stuck!

I share my personal experience working with her, and she gives you an amazing tip to help you become more present and make mindset shifts that will last (hint: it works). Knowing yourself is the best investment you can make, and I know this episode will bring you lots of value!

During this episode we discuss:

Mindset shifts start with a choice

How to connect your subconscious to conscious mind (& how that can hold you back in a relationship)

How Dominey got into the personal development field

How I dealt with the ‘terror barrier’ with Dominey’s help

What mental resistance looks like when dealing with ‘risk’

What can happen when we tell ourselves painful stories

The difference between emotions and thoughts

Dominey’s advice to feel your feelings; what impact that has

Short term vs. long term approach to dealing with emotions

The importance of being willing when making changes in your life

Being uncomfortable means there may be growth in that direction

Dominey’s Bio:

Dominey is the premiere in personal and relationship coaching. Her direct, intuitive approach is unlike anything else in the industry – she solves in mere minutes issues that people have struggled with for decades. She’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and ThriveGlobal for her work, and loves nothing more than facilitating powerful transformation for her clients.

Connect with Dominey:

Social Handles

IG: @domineydrew

Website: domineydrew.com

Email: hello@domineydrew.com

Dominey’s Podcast: The Art of Attraction

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

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