27: Becoming the Loving Leader of Your Body with Alex Grant

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On today’s episode I brought Alex Grant on the show because she is a great friend of mine and an awesome human being! Alex and I are soul family and resonate on many levels – which you will hear in this conversation! Alex is so self aware and has a background in gymnastics and is clearly able to cultivate how the relationship to her body has changed over time.

As a former Chiropractor who has witnessed people’s relationships to their bodies in real time, I knew Alex was the perfect person to co-create this conversation with me to bring our collective knowledge and wisdom to the masses. This conversation was so epic for many reasons, but mainly because we share wisdom from our life experiences that just aren’t available on google. I highly suggest you grab a notebook and pen for this one because we give you so many tips/prompts for self reflection that will honestly make your life easier (especially in the pandemic).

We also have a discussion about a mindfulness group that Alex hosted that I was able to participate in. It had a massive influence on me and changed how I was able to thrive during the pandemic. If you are interested, she is running the program online and details to register are below! This is seriously one of my favourite things to talk about and I know you will glean multiple gems from this one!

During this episode we discuss:

How movement can be an active meditation

Suppression of physical pain – the short and long term consequences

How to start communicating with your body; not avoiding ‘tough’ conversations

Why we condemn our bodies instead of approach with curiosity

How we become disconnected from the process/experience and focus on outcomes (what the real life consequences are)

Who are you being while you are doing what you’re doing?

Is this life giving or soul sucking?

Are you sitting in a stinky shitty diaper? (gross but I’m not sorry for asking)

The body as your experience vessel!

The value of contrast when spiralling vs transcending emotions

Alex gives a great tip to identify if a thought is a story and how to address it

My experience as a participant in Alex’s Mindfulness Group

Alex’s Bio:

Alex is a thought leader and space holder. As a mindfulness facilitator for the curious humans of the world, her goal is to help people live their truth and deepen their connections to themselves and those closest to them.

As a student of life, she weaves the affirming philosophy that life unfolds as we do.

Alex was a former NCAA all round athlete, mindset coach and strength trainer. She has worked with thousands of students and athletes across Canada speaking on resilience and self identity. Her work has impacted over 10,000 people of all ages including varsity athletes, corporate executives, women’s groups, and young entrepreneurs.

She believes when we get curious about who we are, we open the door for deeper and more fulfilling connections.

Connect with Alex:

Social Handles

IG: @alexgrant.xo

Website: www.alexgrant.ca

Sign up for Alex’s Mindfulness Group Online: https://www.alexgrant.ca/product-pag

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