28: You Know Your Body Best & That Can Save Your Life with Dr. Courtney Bosiljevac

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On today’s episode I brought Dr. Courtney Bosiljevac on the show because she is a great friend and fellow colleague! We have lived freakishly parallel, completely independent lives and want to share our collective wisdom with you. Both of us are self aware and had the honour of being both doctors and patients in the physical medicine space. I believe it is both of our destinies to experience extreme pain so that we could be the messengers for the expanding definition of wellness.

Courtney and I get vulnerable and share what life was like behind the doors as manual healthcare practitioners and some of the challenges we faced that got us to where we are today. We also share trends we saw develop over time during patient care and how that can be relevant to you today if you are experiencing physical pain.

Life happens through our bodies – Courtney and I know pain is a very real experience but an indicator and invitation into something deeper. It may feel scary or stepping into the unknown, but if you are willing to sit with your feelings and an uncomfortable situation, something amazing can happen. When you get quiet and listen, miraculously things do occur. I believe this is a lifesaving skill and Courtney shares her incredible story that proves just that. This episode is a must listen – if you resonate with it, please do us both a favour and share with someone else who you think will as well!

During this episode we discuss:

Why there is a drive to get back to the ‘status quo’ & how that can affect physical pain

Physical pain is not a punishment! There is always a root cause…

“You know your body best” – do you trust your body?

Your body goes through physical symptoms when moving through emotions, just like physical exercise (we give real world examples)

What happens if you allow yourself to experience pain?

We have different ‘bodies’ that are interconnected and interdependent. Western medicine primarily only addresses one where Eastern looks at all

Reframing can change your experience of physical pain

Our goal is to empower patients to find their own solution

Courtney shares her story through the healthcare system as a patient (you want to hear this)

The importance of being your own advocate

What is your definition of wellness?

If you can’t say no, your body will for you

Listen to that ‘gut feeling’ not just in healthcare – but everywhere. Screw social convention!

The language of the body is through emotions – and as a society we are emotionally illiterate

Courtney’s Bio:

Dr. Courtney Bosiljevac began her healing career as a Chiropractor educated at CMCC in Toronto. After a very short time in practice, she realized that this was only the beginning of her journey and not the destination. She is currently in the process of launching her new company – Ritual Wellness, where she will combine her chiropractic background with trauma coaching and energy healing to address each individual client as a whole and not a sum of their parts. In her spare time she can be found in the woods with her dog Lucy, or spending time with family and friends.

Connect with Courtney:

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IG: @ritual__wellness & @court.bosiljevac

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