29: Healing from Trauma & Re-Writing the Story of Your Life with Dr. Jerimy Blowers

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On today’s episode I brought Dr. Jerimy Blowers on the show because he had such an enormous impact on me early in my Chiropractic career. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ve heard me talk about him before! He took the time to deeply listen to me and was able to reflect parts of me I had never acknowledged back to me. This gift not only set me up for success in graduate school, but it set me up in the real world as well! I am so grateful to him and the next right step felt like sharing his gifts with the World – so glad that we are the first to have him on a podcast!

Jerimy has had many unique experiences that have shaped the way he approaches patient care that is really familiar to mine now and he shares with us a snippet of what that is like. We get into an amazing conversation about helping you move through ‘stuckness’ that we may inevitably face on our journey. We also share with you what science is now saying about the unique approach both of us take.

Your entire wellness is important to the both of us – and yet we understand that the ‘unseen’ parts of our wellness are the ones that seem to create the most challenges. Having someone who can be a clear channel/mirror is an important part of the process to move through these challenges. I call it soul work – and both of us are honoured to do that. This episode is a great start, and I just want to say if you are feeling like you want to take a step further, direct message me or email Dr. Blowers to see how we can help you!

During this episode we discuss:

Patterns in mental health Jerimy has seen since the pandemic

Jerimy explains to me how he was able to so quickly help me (hint: it’s not from a textbook)

How we can be mirrors for each and reflect a story back to someone else

“Relying on a connection you cannot see”

I explain how Jerimy explained my story back to me

How your past can inform you future – why Dr. Jerimy and I give a shit more than we are paid for

My experience of ‘heartwarming’ and peak moments

The importance of being rooted in deepest truth of who you are

Jerimy explains the motivation for his book and what you can expect

We are quick to look for external solutions to internal problems

Everyone experiences post traumatic stress syndrome & how you can safely move through it

Updating our definition of trauma (re: Gabor Mate)

“This is not going to be the last chapter of my happy life” vs. “This is it – I am stuck”. Jerimy explains the difference in his experience with clients

Jerimy’s Bio:

Dr. Jerimy Blowers presently coordinates all wellness and intervention services at Cayuga Community College (NY), focusing on the mental health needs of the campus -community population. He also instructs in the health science departments for South University and Touro University.

In the course of Dr. Blowers’ career, he has worked as a consultant for higher education institutions for the development and implementation of specialized Behavioral Intervention Teams as well as advising on topics of addiction and mental health. Spending eighteen years in academia has afforded the opportunities to instruct in the behavioral and health sciences, receiving faculty of the year recognition, as well as to act in the administrative capacity for health education, academic success, counseling and disabilities services. Working with the State of New York, Dr. Blowers managed an award-winning social norms campaign to reduce collegiate alcohol use as well as recognition for campus-community coalition development and student service. His devotion to advancing education on campus and in the community is exemplified in the multitude of training and programs offered to educational institutions, service providers in mental health and the addictions, law enforcement and a diverse range of other audiences from New York to Nevada.

Dr. Blowers’ professional interests pertain to the advancement of integrative medicine and public health, working whenever possible to highlight a more whole-person viewpoint to healthcare. As a Behavioral Medicine Specialist, he encourages the development of true, interdisciplinary teams where each member’s unique perspective is valued for its practical and applied value to the patient’s treatment plan.

Connect with Jerimy:

Social Handles

Linkedin: Jerimy Blowers

Email: jerimy.blowers@gmail.com

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Jerimy’s Book (Titled: A Light in the Darkness)
  • The Art of Acting By Stella Adler/Henry Kissel
  • Google Earl Nightingale; start reading/listening to anything that sticks out to you :)

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