30: Equine Therapy to Move Beyond Fear & Improve Your Self Image with Gabriella Vamvakidis

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On today’s episode I brought Gabriella Vamvakidis on the show because I had such an incredible experience with her horses! Gabby lives on a property with 4 horses and experienced her own profound shift with them that changed her life. She wondered if the horses could provide a similar experience to other people – and she was right!

Gabby has discovered that horses are natural mirrors and can only reflect what you give them. This makes a unique self awareness tool. If you are into personal development or just want to improve your leadership skills, the horses can give you a lot of information. The way you interpret their behaviour will tell you a lot about your thought processes.

As someone who has gone through this experience multiple times now, I can tell you I learned so much about myself (both positive and negative) which has fostered a massive self image shift and allowed me to make an important empowered decision (hint: involving a vision board).

If you know me, you know I love nature of all kinds and I found this process such a unique way to grow and develop in a short period of time with the horses, and trees in the background. I have a feeling this kind of experience is going to become even more popular in the future – listen to get a taste of what you can experience and then book yourself a session if you are local! Happy to discuss my experience and answer any questions you have using my contact info below!

During this episode we discuss:

Gabby’s story that changed her life

The importance of experience, specifically embodiment when changing a belief

Horses are essentially large mirrors; and reflect you to yourself

What are mirror neurons and what does that have to do with you

Horses allow for greater self awareness in a safe environment (at Copperwood Trail)

Gabby shares FASCINATING stories from internal dialogues she hears from clients (hint: there’s a difference between men and women that you will want to hear)

I share my personal experience at Copperwood Trail; my ‘fake’ vs ‘real’ emotions

Horses respond to our energy and that is the most important thing to consider

My first experience empowered me & shifted my self image so I could go out and make my dreams happen that day (you’ll want to hear the story)

Gabriella’s Bio:

Gabriella Vamvakidis is the owner and founder of Copperwood Trail, a horse farm in Stouffville Ontario.

After moving to her rural property from the city, she fell in love with horses and realized that they possessed unique qualities that helped her on her own self-development journey. She started her business as a way to provide a safe space for others to experience connecting with horses in a healing and life-changing way.

Gabriella is a mother, wife and entrepreneur with a natural gift for nurturing others and a passion for helping people to feel supported and empowered. She is a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator and recently founded a program called HERD EMPOWERED where she is empowering women with the help of her horses.

Connect with Gabriella:

Social Handles

IG: @copperwoodtrail

Website: http://www.copperwoodtrail.com/

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