32: Using Energy Clearings to Move Through Blocks with Alyssa Martin

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Today’s guest is Alyssa Martin who is extremely intuitive and a gifted energy healer! We met as she was offering energy clearings – I didn’t 100% know what that was, but going through the experience myself was pretty transformative.

I wanted to have her on the show to talk about this process and how to know if something like this is right for you! We get into all things juicy like what does this process actually feel like? And the lived experience of the healing journey that both of us have gone through to find our path and way in life.

This is another good one if you want to explore alternative ways to heal and move forward!

During this episode we discuss:

What is an energy clearing?

Is an energy clearing for everyone?

Clearing is less of an intellectual process

Life is a process of continual letting go

Clearing energy can be uncomfortable (usually is) but that’s where the growth is

Ready vs. Willing

Biopsychosocial Approaches to Healing

The Universe is a kind and loving place

Alyssa’s Bio:

Alyssa Martin is an intuitive guide and energy healer. Her gift is helping release your energy blocks so you can rewire your reality for infinite flow, ease, joy & abundance. One client even said that a single session with her is “better than a decade of therapy.” Ultimately, everything Alyssa does is about helping you step into your true, infinite, powerful self and expanding into your potential.

Connect with Alyssa:

Social Handles

IG: @thealyssamartin

FB: Alyssa Martin Page

Website: www.alyssamartin.com

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