35: The Key to Unlocking Your Self Image Lies Within Your Heart with Michael Challenger

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My guest Michael Challenger is the perfect example of what following your heart’s desires can look like. However, he had to overcome many challenges along the way – especially pressures from society based on his gender and race, as well as inherited family trauma. Luckily for Michael, he said yes to experiences that would expand his world from a young age and he was able to overcome many fears and limiting beliefs!

He even wrote a book on it ;)

You’ll want to tune into today’s episode to hear more about the lessons he learned along the way that allowed him to take massive steps and own a successful business today. This one was such a fun one to record and I know you will enjoy our dynamic conversation!

During this episode we discuss:

Developing self-trust at an early age

Turn your shine down – self sabotaging to avoid being the ‘big shot’

Not being able to receive – how society and other people can affect this

Messages that society tell us about certain races

How to identify low self worth and reprogram your mind to increase your self image

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable – do you abandon what you’re doing based on fear?

What happens when you take on this ‘coasting’ attitude and what the opportunity cost is

Theoretical vs emotional experiences & what 2 things cause us to move

Listening to your head vs heart and what your self image has to do with that

Michael’s Bio:

Michael Challenger, Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, this peaceful warrior’s passionate curiosity and zest for life began at a very young age. Through spirituality, yoga, healthy eating and physical training, this “Challenger” spends his time on the planet becoming more centered everyday. He is the Ceo and founder of Optimal Living Summit, best-selling author of “Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You “, a certified life coach and the creator of the “No Fear Online Program.”

He has traveled the world as a performer, teacher, Award Winning Director, Choreographer and Producer.

For more information please visit www.michaelchallenger.com

Connect with Michael:

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Website: www.optimallivingsummit.com

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