36: What Do You Want? & Why That Can Be Hard to Answer

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I’m back today to talk to you about the first steps I took to help me overcome burnout.

I asked myself the same question – what do I want? I found it difficult to answer (for years) but then slowly over time I began to learn things that started to uncover more information. When I say uncover, I mean peeling back the layers from the inside out.

I looked within myself to see what was there beyond what I thought I wanted or was told was good from someone else. It felt so uncomfortable in the beginning but gaining clarity on this answer was a journey – one that I had no idea was going to transform my life..

I dive into why I believe that question is a hard one to answer (I deeply know I am not alone in this), using examples from today’s world as well as leave you with one of my favourite lines from a book that was a guiding light for me.

Hope you enjoy!

Tracy’s Bio:

Hi — I’m Tracy: a holistic Chiropractor by trade and spiritual, intuitive guide and mentor by nature. My technical expertise and education as a chiropractor helped me to better understand the human body and what physical patient “care” looks like, and my spirituality and intuitive nature has helped me to realize that at the end of the day, what we really need is a holistic approach to comprehensive healing.

This learning has manifested in many different ways through many different lessons: one of which has been working with Bob Proctor in coaching the global collective to live with purpose. The experiences I’ve had professionally and personally have informed the intuitive way I have created and run my business, Atelier I’X, under which we house a podcast, Spirit of Success.

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