37: Depth of Connection is Necessary for Where You Want to Go (& Grow) with Emily Mishler

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Have you ever felt a deep connection to someone that you can’t really explain?

I am grateful to say that I have, and I almost didn’t allow myself to know what that was like because I was holding onto limiting beliefs around independence. I now understand that meaningful relationships are hugely important to your success in life – and honestly even your health!

Going into another lockdown (in Ontario), we have become familiar with the negative consequences of physical isolation. I never felt isolated because I had amazing people around me, one of those being my guest Emily Mishler. We have learned about the value of exploring ourselves through the mirror that is our friendship. It has been one of the greatest gifts of the past year as it has challenged me to grow in ways I never thought was possible.

I have this deep feeling that there are others who are seeking more meaningful connections like I was, especially given the lockdown again, so we wanted to share our experience with you with the intention that it can be a guiding light for what’s possible if you follow that feeling of connection!

During this episode we discuss:

Are successful people lonely?

Meaningful relationships will expose your own limiting beliefs and armour

Life asks you to trust yourself – most times the best thing happens when you do

Sharing the human experience – having someone hold space for trauma wounding is healing

Can you ask for help? What’s behind the fear of asking for help?

How your values are reflected in the foundation of a friendship (or any relationship)

Spaciousness – creating space for the evolution

Doing the work and letting go of limiting beliefs can open you up to a meaningful connection

Your journey of ‘doing the work’ is completely individual – there is no ‘right’ way!

Having integrity to tell your truth (while checking for your own projections) can create a deeper connection

What’s behind making a decision to take a risk based on a feeling (& avoid a midlife crisis)

Focusing on yourself (& maybe looking ‘selfish’) is for the betterment of everyone

Emily’s Bio:

Author, adventurer & life-liver, Emily Mishler is the driving force behind The Cultivated Group and the world of Esmè the Curious Cat. She is an intrepid optimist with a keen sense of adventure, eye for design, hand in the start-up world, and heart for philanthropy. She plays and works all over the world and is on a mission to ignite and empower individuals and organizations to “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

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