4: A New Holistic Approach to Healthcare with Dr. Mitchell Abrams

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What will the new approach to healthcare look like after 2020?

During this week’s conversation we will explore the possibilities! Prepare to expand your mind!

We are featuring a conversation with one of the smartest people I know! Dr. Mitch Abrams and I met two years ago and instantly connected over a shared history of experiences as patients through Western healthcare system.

He is on the leading edge of following the sciences to support the mind, body, spirit connection and we share what that could look like for the future of healthcare in North America.

During this episode we discuss:

What he learned being the Chief of Radiology at a major Hospital (hint: it’s shocking)

The surprising tool used for spiritual connection which can improve health and wellness

What is a Medicinal Mandala and how it can be used in healthcare (& beyond)

What is coherence and why you want to know about it

Why dealing with your emotions can be the most important thing you do for your health

How your thoughts affect your DNA

Dr. Mitch’s Bio:

Dr. Mitchell Abrams is a Canadian Radiologist, Guest Speaker, as well as the Founder and CEO of NexGenHealth Ltd. Abrams experienced a remarkable journey through western healthcare, as a physician, division chief and open-heart surgical patient. Through these experiences, he has been afforded an intimate look into our current healthcare model and a unique perspective on life. Combining his passion for the arts and medicine, Abrams initiated a social enterprise delivering innovative health strategies and programs to support mental health and social inclusivity using the power of the medical humanities and technology.

Connect with Dr. Mitch:

Social Handles:

IG: @nexgenhealth.solutions

FB: https://www.facebook.com/nexgenhealth.solutions

Linkedin: Mitch Abrams – Founder and CEO – NexGenHealth Ltd.



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