40: Cultivating Your Creative Energy with Darius Bashar

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The pandemic has challenged many people in different ways – it has especially been a challenge because it required us to slow down. I personally used to slow down to truly reconnect with my creative energy in ways I never before imagined.

Today I brought Darius Bashar on the show who has so much experience playing with his own creative energy – and we discuss how to find the happy place between the structure and flow in your life which reflects in your business. We also chat about healing and the role that your spiritual side can play in helping foster a better understanding of yourself.

We also share our personal experience and tools that have helped us along our journeys! Grab a notebook and pen for this one – there is so much you will get out of this one!

During this episode we discuss:

The balance of masculine and feminine energy (structure and flow)

A new way of approaching discipline

A different mindset to productivity and your calendar based on compassion

Seeds of shame and guilt from childhood that can impact how your approach work even today

You have a choice to create a different future for yourself & your work

Darius’ amazing experience with Masai Ujuri

Our superpowers are connected to our core wounds

What is the highest energy state you can reach & when do you reach that? What does that have to do with life?

“The uncertainty is a part of the magic”

The importance of rituals

How the subconscious mind and your beliefs impact your life and how you work

Darius’ Bio:

Darius is a celebrated photographer and cinematographer who works with international celebrities, best-selling authors and thought leaders such as Seth Godin, Liz Gilbert, Lisa Nichols and Masai Ujiri.

His work has been featured in world-class publications such as TIME, Apple, USA TODAY, Oprah.com and others.

His signature photography experience, HEARTshots™ uses photography as a channel for inner exploration and self-love.

He is also the founder of Artist Morning, which is an international community of artists, creators and meditators. He has led and facilitated over 150 Zoom group meditations for hundreds of people around the world.

Connect with Darius:

Photography Website —> www.dariusbashar.com

Artist Morning Website —> www.artistmorning.com

YouTube Page —> www.youtube.com/c/ArtistMorning

Instagram —> www.instagram.com/dariusbashar

Insight Timer Profile —>www.insighttimer.com/dariusbashar

Connect with Tracy:

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IG/FB: @dr.tracydebi

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