42: Addressing Your Mental Health To Create A Fulfilling Life with Ajani Charles

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Today’s episode is a really special one! I’ve wanted to have my guest, Ajani Charles on the show for some time because I loved his approach to mental health for creative entrepreneurs. He has this gift of being able to take potentially complicated things and making them really easy to understand.

In the episode, he shares with us what brought him to really focus on his mental health and how that has transformed his life and business. He also talks about some amazing tools that he has used and shared with me that have been gamechangers and we explain why. We get into some essential topics like mindfulness and emotional intelligence and specifically what differentiates them and why its important to be aware of.

Ajani has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and shares his experience and something called the Halo Effect. Basically this episode is so good and you will see why I wanted him on the show for some time! Be sure to share this with anyone who you think will resonate!

During this episode we discuss:

The value of addressing your mental health

Respecting and honouring other people because you never know what they are going through

Mindfulness tools that Ajani has used in his personal life

What is a force multiplier to help you on your mental health journey?

Is there a difference in mental health for creatives vs. the corporate world?

Ajani’s definition of emotional intelligence vs mindfulness

Ajani’s tips on cultivating emotional intelligence & the HALT exercise

How the pandemic has affected different populations

What is the Halo Effect and how that can influence you!

Ajani’s Bio:

Ajani Charles is a Toronto-based professional photographer, director, producer, mental health advocate, and Canon Canada ambassador with a background in fine arts who specializes in creating impactful stories about the human condition, self-actualization, and mental health.

A graduate of the nationally acclaimed Claude Watson Arts Program, Ajani also apprenticed at the Toronto School of Art, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and at 235 Films, under many of the talented artists that currently work through the award-winning, production company Fela, which was co-founded by his mentor and colleague, Julien Christian Lutz, who is professionally known as Director X.

The mentoring and rigorous training he received at these institutions fertilized his natural talent, shaping him into a versatile and always evolving artist.

Finally, Ajani regularly donates his time, services, and capital from each of his commercial projects to non-profit organizations and initiatives that promote and conduct research on mental health, such as The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Operation Prefrontal Cortex, and Project Healthy Minds.

Connect with Ajani:

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IG/FB: @ajaniphoto,

LinkedIn: search for Ajani Charles

Website: https://www.ajani.ca

Ajani is hosting a workshop on Mental Health and Self Care for Entrepreneurs on May 5, 2021, you can find out more and register here: http://brandedto.com/

Connect with Tracy:

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