44: Becoming Alive and Awake with Lindsay Sukornyk

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I feel completely grateful to have my guest on today’s show. Lindsay Sukornyk is a mentor of mine and someone who I wanted to share with you for some time now!

She had a cozy career in corporate and decided to leave that for the jungle..literally! She shares her wisdom from being amongst the walking dead to becoming alive and awake.

We cover a ton in this episode including navigating the inner work from undoing the habits that got you where you are but may not get you to where you want to go. That means something navigating the darkness – something both of us are familiar with.

We also challenge a few massive paradigms and explain how they may be influencing your life and what you can do to address this and continue to take steps forward in your life. We also share so many nuggets we have picked up along the way from our experience to help you connect the dots and move through your own journey with ease. I know you are going to enjoy this one!

During this episode we discuss:

Being purpose driven and passion fuelled

Lindsay’s journey from the corporate world into transformational coaching

The metaphor of the ‘two mountains’

Dialoguing with your body if you have pain or any point on your healing journey

Emotions are energy in motion & if you block it, you can create more force!

Clarity comes from the depths of the darkness (we give you some tips if you’ve never felt feelings before)

Exploring death through different cultural practices and how that has influenced our lives

The hard work paradigm – if you didn’t suffer it’s not worth it. We challenge this.

How you can get more done in a significantly shorter period of time

Keeping a healthy balance of 3 positive to 1 negative thoughts

Transmuting your feelings into gratitude

We explore Ikigai (something you should be familiar with)

The importance of meaning making

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Lindsay’s Bio:

Lindsay is a transformational leadership expert, international speaker, master coach to global game changers, TEDx speaker and author. A regular Huffington Post blogger and often featured as a speaker and expert in the media, she is also completing her first novel, which is in development for a TV series. Lindsay is obsessed with combining up to the minute research on positive psychology, strategy and leadership with ancient wisdom traditions such as yoga and Buddhism, to create profoundly transformational experiences for everyone she has the privilege to guide along their path.

Connect with Lindsay:

Linked In: linkedin.com/in/lindsaysukornyk/

IG: @lindsaysukornyk and @aliveandawake

FB: fb.com/lsukornyk

Website: www.Aliveandawake.com

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