45: FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real

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Last week I talked about pain being an invitation to look inward and one of the most common responses to looking inward is actually fear. I had this inspired idea to dedicate these next two episodes to sharing the most illuminating things I learned about fear with you and guide you in my process to moving through fear.

Did you know that you are only born with two fears? So other than that, you learn every other fear. Good news is that you can unlearn them too! It doesn’t completely go away but you can learn how to respond differently and in that response, you can completely change your life. I do mean completely change your life. Fear exists in survival energy and unfortunately that has become the norm, but I want you to know that there is thriving energy and you can absolutely bridge the gap between the two.

Fear doesn’t have to be a bad thing either…so how do you know the difference? That can sometimes be tricky so I share with you the science that I learned in school so you can identify if this is happening within you and I share how this is linked to your subconscious and your mental/emotional state.

I end this episode with sharing a profound exercise that shifted the way I related to fear and moved me out of the survival energy for maybe the first time in my life. Don’t let the simplicity of the exercise fool you – it’s powerful AF!

Give the exercise a shot and tune into the episode next week where I help walk you through the exercise to permanently change your response to fear.

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Hi — I’m Tracy: a holistic Chiropractor by trade and spiritual, intuitive guide and mentor by nature. My technical expertise and education as a chiropractor helped me to better understand the human body and what physical patient “care” looks like, and my spirituality and intuitive nature has helped me to realize that at the end of the day, what we really need is a holistic approach to comprehensive healing.

This learning has manifested in many different ways through many different lessons: one of which has been working with Bob Proctor in coaching the global collective to live with purpose. The experiences I’ve had professionally and personally have informed the intuitive way I have created and run my business, Atelier I’X, under which we house a podcast, Spirit of Success.

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