46: Visualization is the ‘Secret Sauce” For Success with Stephannie Hawkins

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Today’s episode is such a treat and a topic I have wanted to talk about for some time now! VIsualization has been such an important part of my success and the success of my guest today! Stephannie is a stunt performer so she has mastered visualization for her work because there is a high degree of risk in what she does (she tells us more details in the episode).

We both share with you how we are able to apply this in our personal lives and the literal difference it has made in the results we have manifested into our lives. Both of us break down our processes we take in detail because I have not heard this part talked about as much! Visualization is like going to the mental gym and takes practice – just like any other muscle. If you stick with it, only amazing things can happen.

Tune into this episode to get all of the juicy details and feel free to copy from our playbook!

During this episode we discuss:

What does the life of a stunt performer look like?

Steph tells the story of jumping off Ontario Place!

We talk about visualization from a sports background and how that applies to stunts

How she used visualization skills from the stunt world and applied them to her personal life

Visualization and the feeling your goal fulfilled is how to bring what you what in the physical world

Steph walks us through her visualization process

The key of any visualization (& the mistake most people take)

Looking for the opportunity is another part of visualization

We are good historians..and that gets us more of the same

The “How” of your goal is none of your business

Our job is to hold the vision in your mind to the exclusion of everything else (that’s the challenge)

When you love something or someone, you don’t have to force yourself to think about…how you can apply that to your goals

Stephannie’s Bio:

Stephannie Hawkins is a professional stunt performer, coordinator, actor, screenwriter and producer who has successfully transitioned into film production with kitten party films.

Connect with Stephannie:

IG: @stephanniehawk

Website: kittenpartyfilms.net

Connect with Tracy:

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