49: Boxing as a Tool for Life and Business Development with Daryl Mack

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If you follow me on instagram you know that I recently got back into boxing and it was such an interesting time to have this back in my life. Boxing has become a playground for me to learn so many lessons and I wanted to share a conversation with my boxing instructor Daryl Mack who creates the space to make it all possible!

Boxing is about being accountable with yourself in the most simple ways. When you can take on the skills associated with that, not only will your boxing skills improve but if you’re willing, you can see changes in other areas of your life like I have.

Boxing is so effective because it puts the mind-body connection to the test in real time – can you embody the skill that will improve your performance? What happens when you make a mistake – will you continue and learn from it being accountable to nobody but yourself?

We discuss how these small skills are maybe not so small – and ultimately how you can develop self leadership to help you create the life and freedom that you want!

During this episode we discuss:

Daryl being attracted to boxing because of he wanted discipline & how he framed it

We discuss what happens when the eyes are on you and you have to perform

I reflect on processing trauma through boxing and how Daryl created the environment to do it safely

Boxing allows you to develop confidence if you are willing to embody it

Paradigms around making mistakes & how you can learn more from your mistakes

Getting 1% better every single day adds up..& showing up if that doesn’t happen is just as important

The voices in your head (both positive & negative) & Daryl shares how he blocked out the negative voices in the ring

“Fight your fight” & the importance of being consistent

The leadership triad and how boxing teaches self leadership

Daryl’s Bio:

I began my boxing career at the age of 14 and have trained and fought in both New Jersey and Ontario

There’s nothing more satisfying than sharing my knowledge, experience and passion for fitness and boxing while encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles, have fun and push their limits. I’ve worked extensively with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, youth and people who are simply looking for new challenges.

Connect with Daryl:

Social Handles: @builtbymackfitness

Email: builtbymackfitness@gmail.com

Connect with Tracy:

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