5: The Power of Energy & The Body with Barbara Josic

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Have you ever wondered about the energy centers in the body? Where are they located and what emotions are held there?

During this week’s conversation we will answer these questions!

This week we have Reiki healer Barbara Josic on the show to give us a roadmap of the energy in the body! She also takes us through her journey and what she learned from changing careers multiple times and how that has set her up to effectively deal with the quarantine earlier this year!

This episode is such a good one so make sure you take some really good notes!

During this episode we discuss:

The difference between masculine and feminine energy & how to use them in your life

The different energy centers in the body & where they are located

What area of your body is the most important to move emotions

What can happen when you give your power away

Why you want to move energy upwards

What are the Akashic Records (& why you should care)

What can seeking ‘alignment’ can really mean

How to know the difference between Heart & Mind Space (ie. how to listen to your intuition)

Barbara’s Bio:

Barbara Josic is an energy worker, an artist, a channel and above all human! Through Barbara’s journey of the Self, she has been a banker, a dancer, a stylist, a yoga & meditation instructor, a Reiki practitioner and much more. She is here to share her experiences with others that led her through the Self to the Self.

Connect with Barbara:

Social Handles:

Instagram: @iambarbarajosic

Youtube: Barbara Josic

Linkedin: Barbara Josic

Barbara’s Podcast:

Conversations with the Moon

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