53: Connecting to Feminine Energy Through Plant Medicine with Ladan Paolini & Trish Carriera

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This week is the second half of our conversation where we really get into the nitty gritty of mushrooms and plant medicine.

We wanted to frame the conversation to give you an idea of why you would be interested, what makes a good candidate (very important), and what the experience of the ceremony is like.

Trish and Ladan give us really amazing insight into their experience of holding space for the ceremony and what makes their offering unique. I also share what my experience truly was like. I give details that I didn’t even know was going to come out of my mouth.

I decided to share because I am learning that what I thought was ‘soft’ is actually strong – being vulnerable and fully expressed are really important steps into becoming who you truly are. I am so grateful to have met Trish and Ladan and to share this important conversation with you!

I sincerely believe we need more of this energy in the World!

Please enjoy and pass along to someone who you know would need to hear it!

During this episode we discuss:

Plant ceremonies are not the answer to fixing your life!

Have you recognized that you are beyond your problems?

Set and setting very important for the plant ceremony – it is a sacred space

My experience in the ceremony – the Tree of Life came as a metaphor for life

What does the experience of plant medicine feel like?

Looking at ‘bonus time’

The Buddha said ‘the problem is you think you have time’

We are all part of a greater whole

What it’s like to become ‘the observer/the witness’

Integration is very important after the medicine

Ladan’s Bio:

Living this life is a gift and I make choices that bring more joy and happiness to my life as best as I can. I trust that even the most challenging experiences in life are only there to bring out the best in me and if they persist it only means that I need to practice more awareness. I practice and teach mindfulness, breathwork, yoga, movement, meditation, balanced nutrition and conscious presence. This is a practice and I do have setbacks just like everyone else but the consistency is what helps to keep me on track and connected to my intuition and gifts. I believe in changing myself first and trusting that my personal work is powerful enough to create a ripple effect for the change that is needed in our world. Alongside my soul sister Trish, I host healing ceremonies, red tent gatherings and retreats, and offer one on one mentorship. I have committed to creating events and opportunities for everyone I meet to find their way to their heart again and my soul is delighted to be of service.

Trish’s Bio:

I am a holistic health and wellness practitioner. I use an array of modalities, practices, tools and strategies such as holistic nutrition, ecstatic dance, breathwork, meditation and neurolinguistic studies to create safe and sacred spaces for clients who are ready to learn, grow, and heal. I do this through hosting retreats, healing ceremonies, and sacred circle gatherings with my dear soul sister Ladan. I educate and empower women to take back control of their lives and their mental health using all these modalities, with a focus on nutrition, dance and self-care. I offer one-on-one client soul coaching for deeper work and healing.

Connect with Ladan:

Social Handles: @ladanpaolini

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