61: Grounded Spirituality as the Foundation for Your Life & Business with Aleyah Swan

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Today’s episode is a really special one! My friend Aleyah Swan joined us today to talk about something I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time!

The title of this podcast has the word ‘spirit’ in it because spirituality is a huge part of what I have always done in my life. I realized we are spiritual and having a human experience, however, when I joined many spiritual groups, I realized there were many dogmatic ideas of what it means to be spiritual.

I believe this is why there is hesitancy around incorporating spirituality into our lives!

Spirituality is something that you define for yourself, but in my opinion not something you can run away from. I actually found that embracing it has made my life much easier!

I wanted to have Aleyah on the show because she made a huge impact on my life by introducing me to my sacred support. She also helps many entrepreneurs incorporate spirituality into their business!

In addition, she has gone through her own personal tragedy losing a home to fire and tells us how spirituality helped her stay out of victim mode and find gratitude to move forward in her life.

If you are feeling challenged or blocked or are interested in moving through challenges with ease, this episode is for you!

During this episode we discuss:

Spirituality is an individual process; it will always come to you in a language you understand

The spiritual community was more dogmatic than I thought; how do you navigate that?

‘There’s no way not to be spiritual’ – we are spiritual beings!

Generally, those with a spiritual practice moved through 2020 in a more centered way

Personalized health care is needed! Everyone’s experiences are unique and we need providers who can meet these needs

Mirroring – the next lesson for you to learn will be reflected back to you in people, places or things. Physical health issues can be the gateway to spirituality

Going through the dark night of the soul pain without bypassing allows for the warrior to come through. With gentleness and softness

If you feel exhausted all of the time and like you aren’t making progress, you have to ask yourself why?

Transgenerational patterns are real and energy work is the secret to working through them

What you feel on the inside is what you experience physically; we both give real life examples

Internal Family Systems is a model that can help you generate compassion for yourself

Aleyah takes us through the tragedy she experienced when her house burnt down; her biggest challenge was learning to receive.

How you can lean into gratitude and avoid victim mindset during a tragedy

Aleyah’s Bio:

With over 20 years of energy healing experience, Aleyah’s obsessed with helping entrepreneurs integrate their sacred superpowers into their everyday life and business.

Through providing grounded spiritual guidance and connection to their own sacred support team, she helps digital CEO’s achieve a tangible, and self-affirming sense of worthiness, support, and purpose.

She believes that as an entrepreneur, your business is a profound and direct extension of your heart, and that what you’re doing matters.

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