63: Your Inner Game Determines Your Outer Performance with Theresa Smith

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“I have the wisdom to know that I am not for all but that I am for many, and the confidence to know that for many, I am magical”

This quote is from my friend @iamtheresaasmith and really wraps up self leadership in one sentence.

When you are being your authentic self, you will naturally attract the right people who want to hear your message. The messy part can be figuring out – who is my authentic self?

I believe a major key is self awareness as it leads to self leadership so we can direct that authentic self to express itself.

All of this begins with mastering your inner world and learning the tools so that you can deal with the challenges that you face in any area of your life. We talk about relationships and business mainly in this episode.

Part of self awareness is body awareness and Theresa shares a powerful story of uncovering what her physical ailments were telling her and her process of moving through fear to act on something that was 100% true for her.

I had chills and tears in my eyes hearing this story so you will want to tune in to hear it – this episode is an investment of your time you will not regret!

During this episode we discuss:

Your career can be a ladder or a web

Trusting that others know the next step better than you do..what are the consequences of that?

Do you have a longing that you can contribute more in life?

Self leadership has its foundations in self awareness

Intention is the connecting key between body awareness and self leadership

Physical ailments are related to your inner world

Dealing with physical ailments is easier than emotional discomfort

‘Your inner game determines your outer performance’ & ‘your personal development is your professional development’

Theresa’s advice for those who want to become more intentional leaders in any area of your life

Connecting to the rhythms and flows in your life – transitions can bring about fears of change

Theresa’s vulnerable share of her coming out story

Do you deal with the root cause of physical ailments even if there is a threat to your family, friends or career and risk physical ailments your whole life?

Reflection is the key in adult learning

The areas for pain and love are very close in your brain – if you run from one you distance yourself from the other

Theresa’s Bio:

Leadership Coach, Theresa Smith, combines her 20+ years of leadership experience in start-up and corporate settings, along with her skills as a Co-Active™ Coach, training in Positive Intelligence®, and certification in The Leadership Circle Profile™, to help leaders to get out of their own way and show up as their best selves, so they can create values-led, impactful change in their businesses, their careers, and their lives.

Theresa has enjoyed a successful career leading teams and organizations that include Microsoft, Olive Media, Tribal Scale and the Financial Post and National Post newspapers. At the heart of Theresa’s success is a passion for personal and professional growth, and the belief that combined, they fuel highly-impactful, purpose-driven, authentic leadership.

Theresa lives in Toronto with her wife, two teenage children, a cat and a very bouncy puppy. She is infinitely curious and loves music, yoga, hockey, reading, spending time with friends and family and can’t wait to get back to travelling and exploring faraway lands!

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