7: How Unlearning Can Lead to Growth with Brittney Jones

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What does it take to completely change your business and show up as your true self?

From my experience, it takes a lot of unlearning! That is exactly what my good friend and guest this week dive into!

On today’s episode I brought Brittney Jones on the show to share her story of embracing powerful mindset shifts to grow her online business. She embodies truly showing up as your authentic self!

Whenever I find myself in Brittney’s presence, she always brings out my best authentic self and during this recording she did just that!

So we end up going down different directions talking about everything from the importance of rest in business, to physical pain, quantum leaps & having hard conversations with your family & how mindset work has impacted our businesses.

She also shares her story and we tie all of this information into helping you show up as your true self online!

During this episode we discuss:

The biggest regret people have not going online

The importance of slowing down and rest

What physical symptoms can tell you about your mindset (& what I do about it)

How to take a different approach to pain

The pivot point that transformed her business

The concept of energetic minimum/maximum related to finances

How mindset allowed her to make a quantum leap in business

What we learned about not ‘using your degree’ & difficult conversations with family

How mindset training affected our career pivots

How we use energy and mindset to make things easier on ourselves

Brittney’s Bio:

Brittney Jones, better known as @brittneyceo online, is a global business leader who’s trained thousands globally on online success. Through her social media presence, she has built a thriving community of over 100k+ where she leads others through building online businesses.

Connect with Brittney:

Social Handles:

Instagram: @brittneyceo

Website: www.brittneyjonesceo.com

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