8: Stepping into Your True Authentic Self with Renata Taravski

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The theme of your true authentic self continues this week!

On today’s episode I brought Renata Taravski on the show to discuss the realities of embracing who you are and what living in alignment truly looks like.

I wanted to bring Renata on the show because from the moment I met her, I knew she was someone who was speaking the truth from a deep place of alignment.

We have a shared history of working in the healthcare field and realizing something is very wrong – most of our patients were unhappy and looking for quick fixes to deeper underlying issues. We each went on our own journeys to discover how to better help others (& ourselves) and share what we have discovered on our paths.

We go in depth on very important topics such as love and fear and how those relate to all aspects of your everyday life.

No matter where you are on your journey, I know you will be able to resonate with this conversation! Renata also gave some really good starting places for self-reflection. You will definitely want to tune in to hear the goods!

During this episode we discuss:

How we managed as sensitive people during quarantine

How leaning into cycles has affected our growth

What it’s like to speak your truth (in person & online)

How understanding can help us better communicate with others (especially in today’s society)

How subconscious programming shows up in your daily life

Why you need to invest in your mindset and understanding your belief systems

How responsibility leads to personal power

Renata’s explains the difference between love and fear and how that can show up in your life

What the most important first step is in levelling up in your mindset

The benefit of staying curious about what triggers you

The true definition of alignment (& how that relates to healing)

Renata’s Bio:

Renata is a Soul Alignment Coach, intuitive astrologer, wellness witch and Naturopath, committed to helping you stop “should-ing” your way through life, step into your higher purpose and confidently service the world the way you were born to.

If you love a no-BS approach, with a lil’ woo-woo, and someone who’s already walked the path, to tell you exactly what you need to do to make that happen… you and here are going to be a great fit.

Connect with Renata:

Social Handles:

Instagram: @alignwithrenata

Website: www.renatataravski.com

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