9: Becoming the Architect of Your Own Life with Maha Munaf

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On today’s episode I brought Maha Munaf on the show to discuss her story moving across the world and pivoting her career at the same time!

I wanted to bring Maha on the show because from the moment I met her, I knew she was someone who was full of so much wisdom and she shares from her heart with so much humor!

We go in depth on what happens behind the scenes when you make important decisions in your life and what has been pivotal for us on our respective journeys.

I know this episode will be valuable if you have felt the itch to make a career pivot or if you want to take the next steps in building the foundation for your future, and ultimately your life!

During this episode we discuss:

How Maha and I define ‘home’

Embracing the daily choices that affect the quality of our lives

How Maha got started in architecture; and then discovered photography

Why we wouldn’t change any parts of our past (& how that has affected our future)

How Maha dealt with fear (& a great tip to help you move past fear)

How you can begin to see your life through a different lens (‘the photographer’s way’)

The importance of defining success for yourself

How to know the difference between different types of support in your life

Why self compassion is the key to ‘own your flavour’ (we explain in the episode)

Maha’s wisdom from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (as it relates to the entrepreneurial journey)

Maha’s Bio:

Maha Munaf is an Architect turned Food Photographer, stylist & educator who is on a mission helping others answer their creative calling and unleash their superpowers. As a little girl, Maha was always with her mum in the kitchen, cutting, stirring or mixing stuff; and today after a long journey she found her way back into the kitchen capturing images that communicate the love, passion and thought that goes into every recipe. When she is not collaborating with brands, you can find Maha sharing her expertise online with #AskMahaMonday, a weekly Q&A where she talks all things Food Photography!

Connect with Maha:

Social Handles:

Instagram: @camerasncupcakes

Youtube: www.youtube.com/mahamunaf

Website: www.camerasandcupcakes.com

Maha’s Courses:


Resources mentioned in this episode:

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